Mörizen “Mofo” Föche | 2016 | Skateboarding Hall of Fame

2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Ceremony for Mörizen “Mofo” Föche. Previous icon inductees include Craig Stecyk, Glen Friedman, Black Flag, NHS, DEVO, Grant Britain and more. 

Mofo Inducted into the 2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Mörizen Föche, aka Mofo, joined Thrasher magazine as their second official employee just months after its founding in 1981, then rose with its success to become one of the most influential photographers, illustrators, designers, writers, graphic artists, industry-innovators and personalities in the skateboarding world throughout the '80s. Mofo brought a DIY jack-of-all-trades creative genius to Thrashers' pre-DTP printing process long before the internet changed how the world looked at things.

I took photos, drew pictures, designed stuff and wrote words

I got a trophy.  

This video is for those wondering why.

Mofo and Thrasher on Evening Magazine

I was the luckiest man-child in the world, back when a 'clique' of cockroaches who threatened to kick my ass if I ever set foot in SoCal to cover skateboarding. Fuck them, I went anyway, armed and alone, to do what I had to do. The people I featured in my stories lay the groundwork for what the world takes for granted today. Living-legends and the people who loved and believed in them. I got to share their story, and walk among them.  

Honor the OG skaters, without whom who would you be?

VANS | Jeff Grosso's Love Notes: Mofo


Humbled and very honored to have been featured by Jeff Grosso in this piece for VANS. The YOUTUBE page reads as follows: "If you picked up a Thrasher from 1981-90 you saw plenty of Mofo photos. Grosso gives a little love to this living legend."