DRVNK INJVNS: Not Forever Yours

This version of Not Forever Yours is from a rehearsal we did at the VOLCOM facility, the day before we played for HOSOI's 50th Birthday Party at the VANS skatepark at the BLOCK, in ORANGE CA. NOVEMBER 2017. 

A special huge THANK YOU to Remy Stratton for being a fvkn Grade-A Hospitable dude.


DRVNK INJVNS: Hat's Off to Larry

DRVNK INJVNS recorded this Del Shannon cover in 2013 during the same session they recorded their cover of the BIG BOYS song, RED/GREEN.

DRVNK INJVNS: Y-Camp & Heal Me

This has some great OG footage from Del Mar Skate Ranch and from a show at the Mabuhay Gardens. This show I was LIT off a bottle of Chartreuse. I fell back into the drum-kit and inhaled some beer up my nose. Good times. At one point someone shot across the stage running and got their shirt-sleeve caught in a guitarists tuning pegs. He goose-step kicked the guys ass until he broke free. Good times.

DRVNK INJVNS: She Gots a Gun [live at the Farm, SF]

This is from the show that Pushead made the infamous flyer for. A helluva bill that night. It was at the FARM in San Francisco, that legendary venue that was just a stones-throw away from where Potrero skate spot is today. 

DRVNK INJVNS at House of VANS Brooklyn performing LOTTA KILL

It was the big party celebrating 20 years of the VANS HALF CAB shoe, and we had a set destined to blow minds. Notice the skate legends int he foreground of the frame: Hosoi, Lance, Lucero, Grosso, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny...



Back in 2013 DRUNK INJUNS were asked to contribute to a BIG BOYS Tribute album. This was our pick. The Big Boys were a great band, and the boys were even greater friends. We miss Biskut dearly.

DRVNK INJVNS: Heal Me/Blood Drips/Not Forever Yours

SkaterCon 2016 

Live at the Pressroon, Phoenix, AZ 02/20/2016 

Video by Ping! www.desertpipes.com


From MY DAD BUTCH, the first DRVNK INJVNS offering, a 5 song cassette released in 1983. This powerful and sad ballad let's loose in the heaviest of ways. Recorded at Tom Mallons' studio.


From: Frontside Grind

Painful words inside my head—Some are spoken, some never said—To myself I softly scream—As you fill my every dream—This lust is burning cold—I looked for an answer—Fastly growing old—Not Forever Yours—Let my fingers run thru your hair—Sense your fragrance in the air—Scream in pain when you find yourself—This savage lust won't end tomorrow—Chase my shadows among the ruins—Push me away I scream your name—In pagan times we'd change our minds—This savage lust won't end tomorrow


November 4th 2017 during Christian Hosoi's 50th Birthday Party at VAN's SKATEPARK, the BLOCK Photographed by Diego Musashi Mörizen. Features an in the studio audio recording of an as of yet unreleased cover of Del Shannons HAT'S OFF TO LARRY, and a cover of the BIG BOYS song RED-GREEN that was featured on INFLUENCE, the BIG BOYS tribute album.


INJUNS: All I Want Is Tomorrow

At this stage, the band called itself INJUNS and consisted of Ray Stevens bass, Marc Gonzales drums, Mike Voss guitar, and Mofo vox.  ALL I WANT IS TOMORROW, recorded live on a KFJC radio station performance '88-ish. A song about a young man at war, wishing every day for just one more day.

Powerflex 5 w/ Mofo @ Indy Riders Rally

Skater Reducer

Several years back, Independent Trucks had a shindig at Lake Cunningham Skatepark, where Stave Alba and his band, POWERFLEX 5 performed a blistering set of OG tunes. DRVNK INJVNS singer had just walked up from the parking lot, whereupon SAlba beckoned him up to the microphone for a rendition of the OG skater-standard. No rehearsal, just pure play it from the hip SKATE ROCK.
Indy Riders Rally Oct 5 2013